GrandScapes can provide you with all your landscape needs. Whether you are looking to maintain an existing landscape, or design a beautiful garden and outside living area, we can provide the quality workmanship that you are looking for. We also provide winter services including snow removal, salt and sand spreading, etc. Also offering plant-scaping and hard-scaping design.  Redesign your old landscape into something new, invigorating and exciting.  Create an outdoor living space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Maybe you have been wanting a patio to have gatherings on and cook on the grill.  Maybe you have a creek on the property that needs some dressing up.  We offer sod, plant, shrub, tree and many other installations.  Stone and paver patio and walk installation.  Retaining walls with pavers or stone.  We will give your lawn a beautiful new start with sod installation.  We also offer seeding, over-seeding, hydro-seeding and slit seeding. Installing mulch, designer (Dyed)mulch, playground mulch, pine-straw, colored decoration stone, topsoil, soil for plant beds, etc. Full renovation included replacing the builder specification shrubs with personalized plant-scapes that enhanced the occupied space.

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Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance

Whether you need services for your home or business, you can be sure that GrandScapes can provide the services that you desire.  Each property is manicured to welcome your guests or customers as they come to your property.  We use only the top brands available to give us reliable, productive, consistent, and quality performance.  Services include: Mowing, trimming, edging, blowing, and pruning each property. Many other services can be combined to customize the services available to you. Our trucks are kept clean and in good running order to provide a good looking service in front of your property.  Crews wear uniforms to easily identify them for safe and tidy service. 


Exquisite Property Management Package

This is the ultimate care package for your property.  We spend as much time necessary to prep and condition your property for show condition on a weekly basis.  Time is spent doing relentless weeding, cleaning, or any other services you request.  This program is for special requests, custom or detailed work, flower planting and management.  This is for the person who has no time for yard work but wants the perfect yard.  Pricing is based on custom work requested.


Landscape Installation

Your outside environment is the first thing visitors to your business or residence see.  A first impression is long lasting and can make the difference in keeping or gaining a client.  A neat and tidy residential property can not only keep the neighbors happy but can also impress them and want to keep theirs tidy also.  Our vast knowledge and established relationships with surrounding vendors will provide you with the quality plant life that you are looking for.  We can help you from start to finish with the design and installation.  We can work with your landscape architect or work with ours to get you started.   Are you interested in extensive renovation/installation, garden update, or tending to a peticular area in your garden or landscape?  Let our experience and resources tackle the small or large project that you wish to accomplish.


Mulch and Pine Straw Installation

Mulch and pine straw provide your plants with many different benefits.  It can reduce ground temperature, maintain moisture content within the soil, nutrients for the soil when it breaks down, and provide a clean break from grass to plant beds.   If you are looking to re-surface or do a complete redesign of your landscape natural areas, we can service you with quality pine straw or mulch.  We have many different suppliers that we work with to provide you with many different quality products from natural mulch to dyed designer mulches.  Certified playground mulch is available in wood or rubber products.  We also provide designer stone of many different colors for natural area installation also.  The choice is yours, we can provide it and suggest the product that will work for you.



What are Hardscapes?  Its landscaping with stonework or other hard surfaces to give your property its own personal look.  Hardscapes can be something as simple as a garden highlight, to a complete outdoor living space with stone or tile.

Make your yard stand out with your own personalized stone work.  We can individualize your yard and give it personality.  Maybe change an unusable backyard space into a personal outdoor living area with actual living space.


Lawn Renovation (Seeding/Aerating/Etc)

Seeding your fescue lawn is a must in this growing zone.  Each year a percentage of your fescue grass dies due to regular loss, drought, heat, heavy traffic, insects, etc..  Keep your lawn lush by overseeding every year to keep your lawn replenished.
Total lawn renovation may be needed if growing has been attempted with no success.  We will implement the right action to get an actively growing lush lawn.  Aerating, Slit seeding, topsoil, soil amendment, and overseeding are some of the services that we will use.


Sod Installation

When instant gratification is needed, complete sod installation is a must.  Sod is the best option for a thick lush turf that will be a finished product providing you with an instant lawn.  Benefits are almost obvious.
Sod can be used to fix a small patch in your yard that needs repair, or a complete yard renovation with sod installed.


Leaf/Debris Removal and Excavation Clean Up

We provide a leaf and debris removal service for any time of the year.  If a storm brings us unplanned debris or downed trees, we can help.  Fall leaf removal schedules can be set to provide a bi-weekly schedule keeping the leaves off the turf, preventing matting down your turf and killing patches in the lawn.  Bi-weekly removal can also keep labor pricing down because it takes less time to remove the leaves if kept up on a regular basis.


Snow Removal/Snow Plowing

Once the threat of old man winter roles around, be prepared to keep the snow off of your property.  Whether you need snow removal at your home or parking lot, we are the inclement weather contractor for you.  Timely services are a must for snow removal and you can count on us to have your property ready for traffic and pedestrians.  Contact us now ahead of the season to reserve our commitment to you.